Cable cars

Today we bought some 1-day passes for the cable-cars, and took a few trips around the city. The only point really was to ride…

Riding the car
Hanging out
Hanging out

We took a stop at the top of Lombard, actually not too far from our motel, to see the crazy switch-back…

Lombard from the top
Lombard from the bottom

Hopping off at the end station

Hopping off

When we got hungry we took the cable car up Powell to the corner of Sutter, and ended up at a diner called Lori’s.

Lunch at Lori’s

Dessert at Lori’s

Dessert at Lori’s

And pinball at Lori’s



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  1. What a great education the children are experiencing. You are all having great fun. Wish we were there. I think we went to a different Loris, whih was next to our hotel (King George Hotel) in Mason Street.

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