California Academy of Sciences

Today we got up early (8am) to get over to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate park.

We took a Lyft ride at about 10am, which took 15 minutes or so.

Entry was quite expensive – $150 or so for the family. It was quite interesting, with various exhibits about the natural world, including live penguins and a rainforest world in several levels. There was also a large aquarium in the basement, a planetarium, and 3D film theatre.

There was a large number of visitors, and lots of noise. While I think the place was “good”, I feel it was a bit lacking – maybe the exhibits could have had more detail, more depth, and if the place had been bigger, with more information about each topic, then maybe it wouldn’t have felt so crowded. Lunch was also over priced.

Just arrived
Big fish
Dragon scales
Touch the starfish
What a gem
Rooftop garden

When we finished up, about 4pm, we grabbed a ride back to the motel – had a nice coffee at the corner Italian place, and relaxed before going out for dinner.

For dinner, we walked about 200m around the corner to a Japanese place.