Westfield mall and Chinatown

Today we decided to walk down to Westfield shopping mall to see if we could get a bargain. We had originally been considering a day trip to a huge outlet shopping centre outside San Francisco, but it turned out to be about 60km away, and we weren’t too keen on that.

So a walk to Westfield…

Walking in the hot sun

We walked down towards Union Square, and even crossed Sutter Street on the way.

On the way to Union Square

A brief pause in the lovely sunshine .

Union Square
Union Square

And finally, shopping

Westfield shopping mall
Professional art
Virtual reality

Across the road from the shopping mall was a turning place for one of the city tram lines. Quite interesting to watch.

Tram line
Tram turning
Chinatown lanterns
Chinatown lamp
Chinatown street
Chinatown street 2
Chinatown never hungry
Chinatown road cover

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  1. You all seem to be having a most enjoyable stay in San Francisco.

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