Today was a bit of a walking tour, leaving our motel about 11:30 and heading over to the Haight-Ashbury area.

On the way

We passed lots of olden houses…


On the way we stopped off in Japantown where we ate lunch – sushi, and a chicken roll.

Sushi lunch in Japantown
Japantown’s bouncy castle

We also went past the “painted ladies”, which somewhat disappointingly turned out to be houses.

The so-called Painted Ladies

We had a brief stop in a large game-store

Cool games’ shop

And rounded off the afternoon with a coffee and hot chocolate

Drinking bad coffee from plastic cups at Cafe Cole

We caught a taxi back to the motel (actually a “lyft” service), and ate dinner at a local butcher where they also make burgers.

Burger dinner at Belcampo’s

And here is an external picture of our motel for the curious (the non-curious should close their eyes now).

Our motel, Nob Hill Inn

3 Replies to “Japantown”

  1. A nice town, with lots of sushi parlors. Look like you are having a good time.

  2. Yep. Lots of walking so far, up and down hills with the pushchair. Temperature swings from chilly, cloudy and windy, to warm, sunny and still.

  3. Our motel is quite well placed (more or less the corner of Pacific Ave and Polk), so it’s possible to walk to many sights.

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