Lion Rock

On the 25th we had breakfast at the horrible hour of 7am, so we could take a taxi to “Lion Rock”. This is a huge rock, sticking up out of the jungle almost 200m vertically.

Here we are, about 200m horizontally from the car park. I was exhausted in the muggy heat.

And starting up the first steps

There were lots of ancient ruins around the bottom. Actually not that impressive unless you’re really into that sort of thing. Lovely green landscape though.

So up we went

There were some paintings on the walls at one point, which you were not allowed to photograph, according to the signs. There were no signs saying you weren’t allowed to take scrapings home as souvenirs though.

Beautiful scenery on the way up

Just before the last set of steps, there was a largish flat area.


Look at that chicken clinging tightly to the handrail

Finally at the top. Ofelia was a hit.

A nice man offered to take our photo. He then offered to take our money.

I took the rest of the photos for free.

Starting down again. By now the place was teeming with people, and there was a queue both up and down.

And photo opportunities

Made it to the bottom again…

Then we went back to the taxi, on to lunch, and the exciting tour of the afternoon… stay tuned

3 Replies to “Lion Rock”

  1. I hope you charged people for taking photos with Ofelia.
    did you have a swim in the pool at the top?

  2. What a great experience. Keep enjoying. Ofelia seems to be taking it in her stride, We could never manage those steps any more.

  3. No and no. It did get a bit too much for Ofelia though. The water at the top didn’t really look that inviting, and it would probably not be allowed to swim there anyway – even though the place is an ancient “fortress” it did have some sort of relgious significance.

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