The sixth of December, we travelled further along the cost to a place called Weligama. The town itself is rather uninspiring, although we did find a nice local restaurant for lunch one day.

The “resort” we stayed at for 3 nights was called “Neptune Story” – or maybe “Neptune Resort”, or “Good Story”. It was not quite 100 percent certain what the name was.

In any case, the beach was excellent, the resort itself less so. The first night we had 2 rooms which stunk of bad sewer. The manager did try to rectify the situation, and upgraded us to a couple of “bungalows” – one of which stunk of old cigarette smoke.

Even so, with the nice pool for the kids, it was quite pleasant here. There were lovely sunsets, and a little bar on the beach.

The beach had really good surf, and Albert was out several times surfing, Elise was out boogie boarding, Malene was out a couple of times surfing, and Peter even tried it.

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